Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Becoming Naturalized

The past few days, I've been filling out the tedious forms to apply for USA Naturalization aka to become a citizen. (I've been a green card holder for over 10 years, I'm way over due!) Oh boy, it is quite a task to wreck my brain, go through old passports to come up with answers and exact dates for some of the answers they want.

For example:

How many days were you outside of the USA in the past five years?
My answer: 802!! (That's a lot huh, but its mostly because I spent two years in NZ for my masters)

How many trips did you take outside of the USA in the past five years?
This seems redundant but I guess they wanted to see what lengths of trips you were taking.

Finally, the one and only part I have not done:
List all the countries you have been in for more than 24 hours with exact dates of entry and departure since you have become a PR.

Oh my goodness, that is like 10 years of travelling!!!!!

I will, however, get it done today. No worries about that.

The nerd in me is looking forward to the American History test. When we first arrived in the states, we lived in Frederick, Maryland for a year. Boy the east coast is chalked full of first hand American history. Frederick is where Francis Scott Keys is buried and when we first came here, my step dad bought my sister and I each a laminated map of the States. We had to memorize the states capitals, like any other 6 year olds except we were 16.

I would bring my map around with me in the car when we went to Williamsburg, Gettysberg etc and make up a little story scheme to remember the capitals.

For Olympia: Washington, I pictured President George Washington going to the Olympic games in a golden chariot.

For Sacramento: California, I made a link with Californias filled with secret mento candies.

And so forth

Oh and I didn't know you could have maroon eyes because it is one of the options you can check for eye colours on the form!


charinthecity said...

Good luck! It's such a funny name for essentially becoming a citizen. But I guess the US is the country that likes to call foreigners 'aliens'! Maybe maroon eyes are for albinos?

Munted kowhai said...

well they had pink colour for eyes and i thought that was for albinos. but i guess there are many shades of pink/red even in the albino population!

oh, hello friend. said...

lol, 800 days doesn't sound like THAT much .. but 10 years sounds like a lot for some reason to me ;) hehe.

random questions! but HURRAY for your citizenship!

xo. danni