Wednesday, October 29, 2008

About Muntedkowhai

Muntedkowhai was created in 2008 in Portland, Oregon by Puiyi Tiffany Pang. Puiyi is a Hong Kong born, New Zealand raised scientist who has returned
to her artistic intuitions through Muntedkowhai.

Muntedkowhai is a range of high quality hand crafted jewelry, focusing on the hybrid of original and unique designs with traditional methods of textile creations. The attention to romantic detail and contrasts in materials are hallmarks of Muntedkowhai style.

Recently relocated to the art mecca of Australia, Melbourne, Muntedkowhai
continually creates visually sensual and original pieces of one of a kind works.


Teresa said...

Another kiwi here, by way of Taiwan. I've always thought Portland sounded like a fantastic place to live. Came to your blog from the Bliss giveaway, love your stuff!

Lilith said...

i'm so confused. what is a kiwi?

Songbird Designs said...

another Kiwi here. LOVE your work! And your name.. gave me a giggle. Keep up the wonderful work!

Savindi said...

I think you're due for an update now with the latest Melbourne chapter!! :D

Genie said...

Interesting. I am also Hong Kong born, NZ raised. Moved from Hong Kong when I was 9 months old. Love your blog by the way.

Foxes Shop said...

tried to send you an e-mail using your contact form, but it came up with an error when I pressed send =/ is there another way I can get in touch?? Thanks! Jess xx
I'm a friend of Ellie's and Kate Tobeck, no crazy stalker, promise, haha