Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I think Tony's Starlight is Portland's best kept secret. It's a small triangular "supper lounge" in NE and last night was the 1950s vintage fashion show. Oh boy! Eat AND watch a 1950s fashion show? For $5, its a real bargain of a nights entertainment!!

We got there 2 hours before the fashion show started and had drinks, listened to Frank Sinatra music and they even had a show of the 1930's Dracula movie with a live accompaniment who pulled off impromptu music, changing subtly with such talent!

The host Alex Sandra is irresistible with her 1950s hairdo, her blue, red and white dress, red lipstick and nails and that huge personality to go with it! (Made bigger by the drinking game she invited the whole lounge to play. When anyone says USA, we had to drink)

It is by no means, a horrible display of audience interaction type of venue, no. It is night entertainment as it should be, as it was.
Before the pianist and all the fashion business took place

Alexsandra and Tony. Great hosts!

The lower part of Tony Starlight's restaurant (soon to be filled with cute grannies!)

The vintage fashion show models.

I was going to buy this 1950s blouse but it was too big for me! (It was only $38!!)


Sorry for the blurriness of the photos, I wanted ambiance and the sharpness had to suffer! I had such a lovely time that I really want to bring all my friends there. It is absolutely wonderful eye candy. If you're a Portlander or will be in Portland, you should not miss this!

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