Monday, September 21, 2009

My fantasy

Aaron and I have our 2+ hour phone conversations on the weekends, which is when we catch up on things over the week. (We text and email during the week but I like to save some things to tell him on the phone) I am usually in bed, under my covers with my eyes closed when I talk to him so that I can imagine that he is right next to me. We often talk about food,our past travels and gossips. Every time I get off the phone with him, I have normtasy. That is a normal fantasy.

I fantasized about coming home from work to Aaron, cooking dinner together, something outrageously delicious and healthy, putting furniture together or go garage sale hunting so that we can turn a dud into a stud, falling asleep on the couch and all things normal. Soon! 4 more months until the big move!

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Hello Lindello said...

Its coming true soon! How exciting! my fantasy right now: walking downstairs to find a veggie pizza and a six-pack (of beer that is...)

ps. That necklace below is AWESOME. Love the chains and button. I just bought a bunch of vintage military buttons and thought of you. They will be in my shop this week sometime!