Sunday, September 27, 2009

Resumes and okonomiyaki

It is always Sunday night too soon. Oh too soon. I hope your weekends were relaxing, fun and perhaps productive! Mine was good, blessed with sunshine and a dent into what I wanted to achieve. I spent Saturday reading about how to write a good science resume, CV and cover letter. Oh boy that was a lot of reading and a lot of thinking but it just had to be done.

I also got to talk to Aaron. I was in bed as usual, with the lights off, the phone pressed close to my ears and my eyes close so that I could imagine him so very near. We talked about food, plants and things we did when we were in Dunedin. My favourite was when he drove down from Christchurch to Dunedin (a good 6 hour drive) and showed up at my door with 5 pumpkins. He proudly boosted that he had bought all 5 for only one NZ dollar! (Around 70 US cents) There was only so much pumpkin soup I could make and one evening, we got bored so we carved one of the pumpkin. We carved the nursery rhyme " Hey Diddle Diddle". There was a cat playing a fiddle, cow jumping over the moon and a dish running away with the spoon. I put a tea light candle into the pumpkin and it glowed in the night. I got lazy and it slowly rotted outside my window. (EW!) Now that it was all gross and rotting, there was no way I would be touching it.

FACT: pumpkins that have been rotting away, can blow away.
It's true because after a few months, it was gone from my window.

Oh I miss my boyfriend.


I spent 5 hours rewriting my resume and CV today. That took a toll because there was 10 years of post high school education academics and research work in one page, right in front of me! Oh boy! 10 years is a long time! I've been out of high school for 10 years! Writing a resume is funny, everything after your current position seems so insignificant, especially pertaining to the job you're trying to apply for.
Taking a break from all the resume writing

I did however, make okonomiyaki for dinner. Les's creations the other week left me craving for it! For those of you who want to try something new and pretty much effortless, you must try making Okonomiyaki. Thanks to Les, here is the recipe I used tonight and it was super duper delicious. I like this recipe because not only does it tell you the protocol but it explains the ingredients. I bought all my ingredients from Portland's Uwajimaya.

Nagaimo, a starchy root vegetable

In the pan, its a Japanese pancake with pork belly!!

So my presentation does not do it justice but here is a photo from the website:

It was so so good!
A mixture of nagaimo, eggs, flour, cabbage, pickled ginger, topped with pork belly, benito flakes, seaweed, Japanese mayo and okonomi sauce!

Mmm that left my belly all warm and substantially full!


charinthecity said...

Good luck with the job hunting! Remember to call it your 'Curriculum Vitae' or CV when you're downunder. (-:

bakeyourcakeandeatittoo said...

Your picture looks better, the websites pic looks like its moldy!