Thursday, September 24, 2009

two months

it's been two months and i can still smell the sanitizing alcohol, the stale porridge that lingers in the ward's air. it's true. sometimes you think you're over the grief and out of no where, it breaks you down and you're thinking how surreal that she is gone. the last time i kissed her goodbye, it was warm and she smelled like dried blood, like iron, from the bloody nose because of the tubes. she squeezed my hand you know, really strong, she looked at me a few times but it wasn't her. it was just her eyes opened. i miss her, oh i miss her.


rachel said...

My heart broke reading this. I completely understand how one little thing can trigger a memory of someone.

angsana said...

She keeps in touch. I am in San Diego, walking in the mornings near the hotel but she keeps popping in and out of my head out of the blue.