Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

I felt like this weekend I've been chasing events and I'm pooped! I need a weekend for my weekend!

Saturday was spent editing photos and then heading over to Marty's place to celebrate Andy's date of birth. Marty and Andy are my college friends and I can't believe I've been friends with these guys for 10 years! They're great and so much fun and very much like family. I will miss my OSU crew when I move.

Les brought his weigh along to make the Okonomiyaki batter.....

Tim and I playing a new drinking game we made up with the weigh. You have a bottle of beer. Weigh it. Say it is 155 grams. You goal is to drink 55 grams to get to 100grams without weighing it until you think you have drank 55 grams worth of beer. We averaged 20 grams in one sip. It's a science AND you'd be amazed how little it takes to reduce weight! Penalty for going over or not being close enough to the goal weight is of course, to drink more. This was super nerdy fun. Look at my face, that is fun.

Anticipating the weight

Mike and Nicole

Les's okonomiyaki. If you have never had it, get you to a Japanese Izukaya soon and try it! It's kinda like a Japanese pancake. (Yam, eggs, cabbage, shrimp with toppings of Japanese mayo, nori and something that Les put on top that was dried and moved when put onto the pancake!!)

Andy (birthday boy, see the bow!) and Ikuyo (pregnant with a boy!) enjoy their Okonomiyaki

The family sits down for lots of delicious food!!

"Victory is mine!!" Andy was happy and sweaty about his birthday!

After dinner and a very delicious cake Marty made, we played Scattergories (never played it but it was SO much fun!!! I had total brain freeze) and Apples to Apples.

Board games can only last so long before a big groups attention span turns to something else, something like Karaoke! It was hilarious, I have videos but need to upload them. The boys love to sing, sing with funny voices and Les enjoyed getting farting sounds from his iphone and playing it on the mic. Tim has an amazing flexible voice that lends itself to varying different type of singing styles! It had me laughing so hard!!

Today, I woke up early and picked up my neighbour and we joined 40,000 portlanders in Race for the Cure for a 5km walk. It was such a fabulous morning for a long walk in and around the city. It blows me away, the amount of people's life cancer touches. I thought of my aunt the entire way and it moved me to be surrounded by all the support, the positive , optimistic energy for a cure.

1 in 8 women will have breast cancer. 1 in 8. That is crazy. We are potential ticking time bombs. Be vigilant, have your yearly checkups.

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