Sunday, October 04, 2009

I'm in the tub while you read this

Oh, I feel so mentally and visually exhausted this weekend. I spent the entire Saturday and most of today putting my MUNTEDKOWHAI lookbook together. This meant, lots of photoshop, illustrator, indesign (Thank you to my boss for all these free software!!) and layout placements. It's tiring staring at the screen for such a long time. This is why as I'm typing this, I have a clay mask on and will indulge in a bit of a bath later (with magazines or maybe just some shut eye!).

The cover of my lookbook. The rest still needs a bit of editing!

I did take my parents out for a celebratory dinner since my mother sold two pieces at Portland's Local14 art show up on the hill. Congrats Mum! We went to oyster bar. I heard about it from my co-worker Lana who not only works in the lab but also at the oyster bar. My mum is a huge fan of oysters so it was an easy choice! OH I love oysters too. Sorry no photos of food as I was so hungry, I devoured my shrimp Po Boy in seconds flat. Followed by fried pickles! I never had them before but apparently they are rather popular in the south. I had some IPA which made me happy.
how can a mug of beer in the sunlight not make anyone happy?

My step dad and mum

You will notice that we all wore Navy, by accident. We're not a uniform family.

To keep my mind off Sunday fleeting fast, here are some things I'm looking forward to this week:

* My sister, her bump and her hubby are coming to the west coast to buy their house! We'll travel up to Seattle to meet up with them!
* Knotting cords in raspberry and charcoal will arrive Tuesday! Knotting in different colours!! *** IT ARRIVED TODAY***
* Contacting research labs in Melbourne Australia. (Why am I looking forward to this? I'm not sure but it sure beats not having a job when I get there!)
* Contacting shops on my list with my lookbook and luring them to stock wholesale with Muntedkowhai!

I was such an excited girl when I saw my cords actually came earlier than I anticipated! How excited could one get about supplies? VERY!!
So here is what a raspberry knot looks like, you could have them on your ears:


Hello Lindello said...

Your family is adorable. Ive always wanted to go to an oyster bar. Love the color on those earrings!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That is so awesome! I cannot wait to see the full book :)