Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Clyde, New Zealand

I watched Nie Nie this afternoon and it moved me. It really accentuated what really is important for me, a family of my own. Life is so short, too short to be selfish with just myself. Watching Nie Nie and having read her blog, I ache with sorrow and read with joy at her gratefulness for her family, for her being able to nurture her own family. Then I thought about what a luxury it is to be a stay at home mum. To be able to stay at home, watch your children grow and take care of them yourself and be financially sound. I watch my co workers, all professional scientists, drop their babies (4 months the youngest!) off at day care from 8am to 5pm. They miss so much but what can they do? Daycare is expensive too! At our work place, it costs $900 a kid per month depending on age of the kid. I hope that, in the near future, it would be a luxury for me to enjoy seeing my children grow up and not in the confines of a day care.


sarasophia said...

oh Tiff..I pray this for you too! There are a LOT we have done without financially, but the time I've been able to spend at home with my wee ones I wouldn't trade for all the big houses and all the nice cars in the world.
I had a lovely career in Airline Logistics before I ever picked up a camera or sold an just make a way. Make a way to hold on to that which you love.

<3 Sara Sophia

Sayo said...

Forgive me, but who is Nie Nie??

Nuts To You! said...

I'm a lurker via sarasophia, but I really wanted to comment on this! Staying home with my children is the most wonderful thing! I can't imagine letting someone else basically bring them up. I trained to do medical transcription while I was pregnant with my first so that I could stay with them. Some days can be a struggle, but there is so much reward to outweigh the rough moments! I hope that you will find a way to do this! As Sarasophia said, we go without many things, but our sense of family and the bond that I have with my little girls is better than any huge house or having two cars!


Kate said...

I loved seeing Nie Nie too. She is so amazing, and she is just oooozing love for her family. Such and inspiration to us all.

-k lindello