Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Summary

The weekend has been a bit of a mixed bag. Yesterday was a huge headache with changing the dates for my NZ flights and being VERY sticker shocked. I mean, I knew it would cost 250 to change but didn't know I would be qouted 600 for the difference in airfares... FOR THE SAME FLIGHT ON A DIFFERENT DAY. Oh boy I felt like NWA is really trying to short change their customers! At first it was 600, then I call once again to make sure, it went down to 460 and after I call Aaron to decide whether to still go with it (he said yes, he really wants me to go to the wedding with him. *sweet* ), the price dropped down to 315. I'm not complaining but... what the heck NWA.

Now its settled and so I will be in NZ for only 8 days instead of the lovely 19 I had dreamed of. Oh well, I don't care. As long as I still get to see that handsome face and eat pies, I'm going to be a happy girl.

Last night we popped over to Andina, a Peruvian restaurant in Portland. It is absolutely delicious. I've been there several times and everytime it is visually outstanding and very delectable!!

My conchas or scallops on parsnip bed and beetroot and passionfruit reduction

Seared octopus on a bed of mashed potatoes. Oh lord these were SO good.

Compliments of the chef, salmon with chimichuri sauce

Sangria+great food= happy Tiff

As the night wore on, the lights in the restaurant took on a different visual

After several hours on the phone with NWA and Aaron, I got to work on my orders for Tilde. If you're in Portland and you've never been to Tilde. You need to go now. It's the best place to get gifts for anyone who appreciates unique items for themselves or their home. I've never been until today when I dropped pieces off and met Andrea, the buyer. She is so sweet and gorgeous! I'm so proud that Muntedkowhai is now available at Tilde.

Another little thing I did this weekend was to sort out SOME of my clothes that I have not worn in a long time. I need to sell these clothes so I can carry my entire life in two suitcases. (Yes, two, it can be done!) So I've started another shop, Muntedtaniwha, with a few pieces at a time. I'm only selling lightly worn clothes:

Chocolate and Mint. $10

If you have any questions about sizes or material, please email me.
Also know that I am a size 6 (Jcrew, Banana) and a size medium.


charinthecity said...

Oooh your scallops are making my mouth water. Great that you were able to change the flights though it's rubbish you couldn't stay longer! Good luck for your wedding outfit hunt.

mina said...

such a cute blog!

Ms Mischievous Chubby said...

the skirt is nice but too small for me. :(

Laura said...

i love tilde! ive seen a bunch of etsy artists there too. congrats on being in the shop!