Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What did I eat?

I don't know but it has left me with a crook stomach flu for the past two days. Today I managed to eat something other than pain killers and got to take my shower in 2 days. Ew I know. My stomach twirled and ached and gurgled from having nothing in it. I could feel the acid burning but I have no appetite. I thought I had the flu flu when the onset of chills and backache came about on Monday but my trips to the toilet told me otherwise. The only thing I could think about was that Salmonella bug attaching itself to the M layer of my stomach and woe, I'm such a nerd.

I feel bad for taking today off but there is no point in torturing myself when I still get tired from doing one thing. (ie shower)

I've been thinking about new projects as well, theres not much you can do when you're sick and just in bed. I thought of this really really old PJ shirt I have. It is tartan blue. It's over 15 years old! I want to make it into a dress by snipping it in half and sewing it to the bottom of a grey tshirt. Then I thought, would that look too much like a uniform? Tartan is hard, even though it is so popular now, its hard to not make it look like a uniform of PJs. Especially if it was a PJ before. It all comes down to styling and the cut so I'm going to look through some examples and see how I can make it less "PJ turned dress."

This entry has tired me.

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Hello Lindello said...

You probably got sick from that girl at work!!

Sorry you felt to dumpy. Thats the worse when a toilets involved.

I look forward to seeing you t-shirt dress!