Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is your worse trait?

In a weeks' time, I'll have my Ludwig Cancer Institute phone interview! It is for a cancer vaccine research associate position in Melbourne and I'm starting to get nervous about it. I was talking to my friend Andrew who is also working in Melbourne and he reminded me of all the questions that are normally asked. I had two phone interviews right after graduating in NZ and they asked me questions like:

"What is your worse work trait?"

"Name one situation or problem that you had to solve and tell us how you solved it"

Eeep! Its one of those questions that you almost have to mull over beforehand because if you are too hard on yourself, it is hard to sell yourself to the interviewer! I think my answer to the worse work trait was " I tend to ask alot of questions because I like to understand the protocol/aim of the project." You always have to have an answer that begins with a negative but is also a positive in hiding!

Funny though, I have never had those questions asked when I've gone to real face to face interviews. I guess when it is a phone interview, yodon't have much to go off on except a piece of paper resume and answers to tricky questions like those!

Panel phone interviews are scary eep! I better start doing my research on their research and practicing my negative turned positive answers!!



charinthecity said...

Good luck! I have had more phone interviews than face to face ones, those are favourite questions that I've had a few times. Me, I say I'm stubborn... but I've learnt to use it to my advantage when I need to get a task done, and also sometimes to hold myself back, listen and weigh up different options.

Hello Lindello said...

hmmm... I have a few traits:

I make an annoying laughing sounds when I'm nervous.

I'm somewhat irrational.

and can not work on an empty stomach!