Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1.5 more weeks

It's getting to the point at work, where its the last week before holidays and your mind is off wandering. Except I'm not going on a holiday, I'm leaving work and there is lots to be done. I made a promise to finish a project and I'm sticking to my word, even though it seems highly unlikely as the science god(s) throws in a wrench into my experiments. Oh well, I can only do the best I can!

Aside from work, here are the few huge things stressing me out:

* selling my 2008 Corolla
* finding a flat (apartment) in Melbourne
* Citizenship test

However, things I look forward to kind of outweighs the stress items:

* One week in NZ eating pies with boyfriend
* My sister's baby due in Jan
* A new life in Melbourne!

Currently crushing on these freaking adorable lace up calf warmers:

These socks totally remind me of bagpipe players.


blue moss said...

Fun fun legwarmers!!!
So much excitement in your life!! :)
Glad the exitement is outweighing the stress

linnykins said...

Wow. Only 1.5 weeks?! Time's going so fast! Looking forward to catching up :)