Sunday, November 01, 2009

Favourite winter sock, weaving and being a coffin

Boy oh boy, what a week+weekend it has been! It's 11.41pm and I just finished packing a wholesale order and I know I still have a bit more juice in me to blog about the weekend before I quickly fall asleep.

Thursday was a pretty stressful day because I had so many things to do in the lab and with the second interview that night, I was really hoping to get some research papers read. So when I woke up on Thursday, I decided to counteract my busy mind with a darling outfit I had abandoned for a while, for no good reason! I thought I lost the white lace top but am so glad I've found it!

I also wore my dusty rose pink woolen socks that day.
It is my favourite.

Then after work, I went to Micheals to buy some twine for Muntedkowhai and could not resist but wandered down the yarn aisle. My fingers twitched, oh yarn! I love yarn! Especially chunky yarn because I so often work with lace width thread that chunky is the new novelty. I bought my two favourite colours, mustard yellow and dusty teal. I crochet one and weaved the other, out of sheer experimental needs:
Lots of chain crocheting, in a mustard pile

Weaving is a slow process

But the results are so neat looking!

So my Saturday was filled with weaving and re-runs of Full House and very very last minute making of my halloween costume. For those of you who know me, I 'm pretty cheap especially when it comes to costumes you wear once and never again+ my love for boxes= halloween costumes made out of boxes. Since I work in a science lab, there is no shortage of good quality cardboard boxes. So if you're moving and you're in the Portland area, just tell me, I'll get you awesome awesome boxes for free. Anyways, this year I was pretty lame. I went as a coffin with the engineering idea that with two panels of coffin shape planes, I could put straps on the top and wear it like a "HOT DOG" sign. I never realised how hard it is to draw wood grains with a felt marker pen. It is. I thought of going to Micheals to buy some wood grain wrapping paper or something along that line but I was too cheap, nay, I was too lazy to do that. So I trusted my drawing skills and the power of context to convey to drunk people that I was a coffin.

I went to a few parties with two co-worker gal pals of mine. It was super fun and it's always fun to see what other people went as.

I was gutted I didn't get a full shot of my coffin
look here, my coffin is handmade

Gwen meets the inevitable play on "balloon boy"

The house we were at projected really neat indian ink art onto a wall

I did not get horribly drunk which was good because today was full of creating Muntedkowhai pieces for wholesale and orders made on Friday. I am, super tired, to say the least so I must retire and hope everyone had a fun weekend!

OH! We got 4 kids that came around at 4.30pm on halloween without dressing up, parentals and with their backpack opened for candy. I opened the door, and asked the boys where their parents were (they were 6 or so!) and told them it is all too early for trick or treat (I had no candy anyways!). They were disappointed but it is so bizzare to go trick or treating so early, not dressed up and without parents!


Hello Lindello said...

That balloon boy costume is great! LOL. I love those socks you wore. Nice socks make you feel so put together huh?

ps. thanks for your support!

Elia said...

ha ha ha! That guy who was Balloon Boy was at the Gypsy in NW later in the night. He was hitting on my friend! :) Small world.

I wish I could have made it over to Tim's but I was recovering from being sick and just went to the bar by me for a bit. Hope to see you guys soon!!!

Munted kowhai said...

@elia: hahaha that is TOO funny. we were at that house party as everyone was leaving, balloon boy included!!! I only stayed at Tims for 10 mins, there was nothing happening there so we split.