Saturday, November 14, 2009

I love you, Let's get something to eat

I'm watching the FACE PAINTER episode of SEINFIELD, its hilarious. George eagerly tells his new gf that he loves her and she seemingly doesn't hear him and says "Let's get something to eat." It reminds me of the I love yous that have come and gone. I remember not feeling comfortable with saying it to my first and second boyfriend, I always felt uneasy saying it. I do, however relish in the memory of the first time Aaron said it. It was a Sunday,we were in bed and he was tickling me. After laughing from the unbearable tickles, he said ever so softly " I love you". It warmed my heart, I was pleasantly surprised. I never knew he felt that way. I didn't say anything. I smiled and gave him a deserving kiss.

The problem was, that week after he said it, I tried to say it as well but I didn't want to say it just to reassure that I felt the same way. I wanted to say it not as a reply, but as my own confession. He said it a second time around and I felt pressured. I so so very badly wanted him to know, that I love him, oh oh so much but when can I say it so that it was the perfect timing for me. Another week passes by, he asked " I love you, what do you think?"
Oh no! Now I'm pressed for an answer and even though it is a yes, I don't want it to happen this way. I ended up saying, yes I know.

I remember laying in bed, looking at him, the words crawled silently out. He had sleepy eyes and oh I love him so much. I said it so many times in my head. I finally slowly said those words and he smiles and says, I know, I love you too.

Do you remember your first I Love You to your sig other?

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charinthecity said...

Third date. Post heartwarming soul-opening same wavelength talk. Simultaneously. Bliss.