Monday, November 30, 2009


The other day at work, my co worker brought her 6 year old along as his school was closed for Thanksgiving. I was reading a science paper at my desk and he was playing lego planes, zooming around. He stopped at my side and he said " Tiffany, you're beautiful."
I turned, Oh, aw. Thank you.

(Theres something ultra sweet when a kid says you're beautiful)

Kid: Yea. you're beautiful.
Me: Thanks Benjamin, well you're very handsome.
Kid: mmm. I don't want to be a boy anymore.


Me: Oh but boys have so much fun!
Kid: Yea but I like dresses.

*Oh no, what do I say. His mum is right there.*

Me: Me too.

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Hello Lindello said...

haha this made my day.

I wouldnt know what to say either!

love, S said...

Whoa. Mega awkward... *shuffles feet awkwardly*

Mrs.French said...

oh no! you handed the situation beautifullly...xo t

charinthecity said...


Sayo said...

hahaha I like dresses too :)

take 38 said...

OK, that is too damn funny & incredibly awesome!