Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One more month

Till I'll be receiving hugs and kisses from one boy in Christchurch, NZ. Now that things are finally falling into place (it seems so easy doesn't it, I'm being watched over), I'm seeing how fast time is going by. I'm packing my life (two suitcases), starting a new job, new lattitude and a new abode with my Mr. That is swell. Is it crazy that this has been my fantasy? Just a normal day to day life, with Aaron, that is my fantasy.

A fantasy:

I wore light blue tights today and I forget how much I love colourful tights.


Linda Fahey said...

Congratulations! I can feel the excitement, anticipation, wonder and even relief!

best of luck to you!

chelsea said...

So amazing! I can't believe you are moving to NZ!!! I am headed back to Portland in a few weeks:)

mandi said...

Time IS going sooo fast! I am excited for you, good luck!! At least this time apart allows you to grow a greater appreciation of your time together and makes you less likely to take that time for granted.