Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today was great.
* I woke up late
* had cheddar jalepeno bagel for breakfast, chatting with Mum
* Melbourne flat (apartment) hunting online
* took a crisp afternoon walk with Mum
* cleaned the inside of my car.

Oh my gosh. My car was so so messy. I had a years worth of printed google maps on the floor, high heel shoes, running shoes, tent, sleeping bag, 8 empty water bottles and a few fistful of receipts!

Yuk. I vacuumed, wiped and even febreezed the insides.
Now I have a super clean car. Yay!!!

* went to work for 15 minutes to treat some cells.
* had DELICIOUS cuban food at Pembiche. Oh my lord, it was just what my tummy had been craving!

A Sangria to end the weekend

Hope yours was just as nice

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