Tuesday, December 22, 2009

28 more days

Can you believe it? I have 28 days until I start work in Melbourne, Australia. 28 days! That is crazy! I have so much to do and I'm only getting into the holiday mode. I have to get Muntedkowhai ready for the move ( what to bring? what to leave behind? I've restrained on making new pieces and buying supplies till I get to Aussie.), put my car up for sale and um, pack! That is a lot to do. Oh boy, just writing it down tires me. Amongst all this listing, I'm starting to get a bit scared! It's a huge move and saying that you're moving is nothing like really moving. I'll take it one day at a time.

Aaron and I sat down to talk about when he will be able to move. After looking at our finances, it seems June would be his move date. Not ideal but what can you do when you're restrained by finances? The positive? Flight costs and time is nothing compared to Portland to NZ and vice versa. Can you imagine, waking up to your boyfriend and coming home from work to him, what luxury!

On top of all that, my baby sister's baby is due very very soon! Oh I can't wait to see that little man!


GemmaJoy said...

Cost of materials in Oz is a LOT more expensive than America. I wish I had bought a lot more over from the states when I moved back to Australia.
June will come before you know!!! I hope your move goes smoothly. You will love melbourne, I miss it every day.

Munted kowhai said...

@gemmajoy: i had figured that the cost of materials would be alot more expensive in aussie. ouch! will ahve to do my research carefully!

love, S said...

MELBOURNE! MELBOURNE!! *flails!* Don't get too overwhelmed with the move and starting work :) You're gonna be sweet as! And as for waiting until finances catch up with your life - good luck :D It'll fall into place soon!

BTW - 23rd follower!?! *super hugs* (because super hugs are that much more awesome than regular 'big hugs')