Monday, December 21, 2009

New Zealand Recap

A week has gone by waaaaaaaaaay too fast. The week in NZ was jam packed with a wedding (absolutely beautiful and casually intimate) and lunch/dinners with friends and families which left little time for Aaron and Tiff time. When we left Dunedin, after meeting up with my friend Rachel and my step mum and brothers, Aaron and I took off into the Canterbury plains. It was spontaneous and SO much fun! We drove and stopped at places that made us laugh (Maori cave paintings ((which were barely there and chunks were taken out by museums!)) and funny road signs) The Canterbury plains is expansive and beautifully covered in lush greens, jumping spring lambs and piercing blue skies, rugged mountains calms the milky light blue bodies of water, oh boy, even photographs don't do it justice.

We picked up a bottle of pinot noir, some blue cheese and drove till we came to Twizel. The night capped off with a soak in the spa bath and drinking the red with blue cheese. Yum!! The next day, we went to a salmon farm and bought a 2kg fish which cost us $32 NZD. Aaron is very fond of bbq salmon with slices of lemon. He loves it. It is super cute. We took the back roads, as suggested by the hotel manager to Lake Tekapo. I'm so glad we did that because it was absolutely beautiful. The roads were unsealed and so that meant we were the only ones there. We parked in the grass and walked to lake Pukaki with the gorgeous backdrop of Mt Cook, we skipped rocks and admired the scenery.

I did try my best to have a pie a day but I've only had 3 mince pies and 2 mini venison pies (at the wedding). For that matter, Blue bird's Watties sauce and mince pie flavored chips does not taste anything like mince pies. Total disappointment.

Here are some photos of the trip we took. I realise now that I have no photos of Aaron and I, mostly scenery. Sad! Will have to track some down from the wedding from other people's camera.

The spot where Aaron and I skipped rocks

Aaron did long range and multiple skips

Canterbury plains in dusk lighting

We had pies for breakfast.

The best dona kebab. We love Dilaan in Oamaru.

Aaron feeding chooks

Here's a short video of sceneries we saw

Southland from tiffany pang on Vimeo.

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