Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pies and Mitchell

Today Aaron made me hard boiled eggs laid by the numerous free range chooks on his parents property.
We had coffee as well and went out to feed some of the chooks.
Stopped by his mate Danny's place where Danny and his 4 year old was laying blocks for a planter. I watched Danny and Aaron play soccer with 4 year old Mitch. The grown men had funny voices and comical faces, running around trying to pretend score a goal. It was super cute.
Stopped in at Aaron's work so that he could check his work email and saw he has a huge photo of me on his desktop.
Bought mince and cheese pies and ate it in the car because it was raining.
Bought 2 silly gifts for the christmas party this Friday from the Warehouse.
Came back to do some cryptic crossword puzzles
Aaron made dinner
Fell asleep while being hugged

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Sydney Hotels said...

So cute and so romantic of you. Can't help imagining my husband too. Despite our age, we still love doing stuffs for each other.