Saturday, January 09, 2010

The waiting game

At 4am this morning, my brother in law opened our door and said "we're going to the hospital!" We all hurridely brushed our teeth while Val took a quick shower and we were out the door after Val questioned herself if she really need to be in. We decided after timing her mild contractions at 4 mins apart that we would go in, just in case, if anything to ease her mind. We stayed at the hospital for 4 hours while she was monitored. She was given apple juice to wake the baby and boy did the baby like the juice. It's heart beat raced and afterwards, it went to sleep. The contractions slowed albeit becoming more intense. It was decided though, that Val be sent home until the contractions intensified and was also instructed to do hula exercises to help turn the baby's face from pointing up to pointing down. (As I am typing, Val has done no such exercise. Sleep seems to be more important.) I'm so excited but now its all down to baby time. Baby will come when it wants to!

Before today, my days were spent crocheting popcorn new born baby hats, eating and trying to beat my sister in BEJEWELED on facebook. (I hold the higher points as of now, it seems labor has put her off from bursting up gems)

blueberry popcorn hat and off white squid hat

The many faces of Leben:

My sister, pre- early phase of labor:

Returning home from the hospital at dawn, we saw the prettiest swirls of sherbert skies:

waiting waiting waiting

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charinthecity said...

Ooooh, all my thoughts with Val! An exciting time. Say hi to the baby for me. (-: