Friday, January 01, 2010

What I've been up to lately

Lately, my life has been consumed with family, friends, eating and more eating. It is quite nice and very easy to get used to! Today, however, I must start this arduous task of packing my life up. I must, I don't have much time now. My new years eve was a bit of a dud. I woke up super late with a runny nose and sore throat. I also had a hang over stomach, the kind where the acid in your stomach is incredibly angry and stirs and eats away at your walls, no matter what you feed it. I skipped out on an ice hockey game with the boys and celebrating with friends. I ringed in the new years with my parents and a small glass of Australian port.

a big get together for some delicious chinese food



filling out wholesale orders:

new jewelry tags

and now with lunch in my belly
let the baby cardigan crochet session begin.

(you guys, next year, I'll get a kiss from Aaron for New Years!)


blue moss said...

happy new year, girl!!
love the tags :)

Linda Fahey said...

I wore my admiral out NYE and had so many compliments, I wish I had some business cards to hand out!

good luck in the new year in all your endeavors and I hope I'm doing a good enough job to get all these complimenters to visit your site and become repeat customers.


marian said...

the tags are the images!
darling happy 2010,hope you had an amazing new years eve hun. I went party hopping and all the images of outfit from that night are up on my site in the style diary section.
happy new year darling