Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Today I woke up on my super comfy bed, reached out for my laptop and checked my email. What wonderous bliss. I made the round of "HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!" phone calls to my grandmother in Malaysia, mother in Portland and dad in Hong Kong. Chinese new year without family for a chinese person is like Christmas alone for most westerners. Also, festive days resonate the absence of a loved one. My aunt. I have been calling on her help a lot recently. She was always so cheerful and non-fussed, marching, barking forward. During the past few weeks, I thought of her constantly because I know shes peering down and guiding me along the way. She has guided my wonderfully. I am now settled.

I wore a yellow cardigan today. It makes me happy.

I trekked to LOST AND FOUND market, a thrift store on Smith St in the Collingwood area of Melbourne. I was amazed and giddy with all the sights of vintage goodness but a bit put off by the not so thrifty price tags. So, I shopped with my eye, letting the price tag guide my way. I did wanted to buy these sequins tiger that I wanted to frame and hang for decorations but they were asking $30. Right now, $30 can go towards something functional, not decorative. I did, however, find these:

Pyrex bowls, 2 for $10

Melbourne is chalked full of beautiful details.

Afterwards, I made my way to Ikea to stock up on small things like hand towels, towels, broom etc. I was super smart today, even though I did look like a doofus. I wore my hiking back pack so that I did not have to carry armfuls of heavy items. I also bought a red frame (red for chinese new year) for a pen ink drawing I did:

Chinese new year also calls for symbolic foods. Noodles are popular because they are long and stand for longevity. Fish are also good because the chinese pronunciation sounds similar to the chinese word for over abundance. I decided to make egg noodles from scratch. I love noodles and my old boss's wife taught me how to make noodles from scratch. (Terribly easy)

Flour and two eggs

Roll dough flat with generous flour, fold and roll with lots of flour, fold again and roll with lots of flour. Then slice.

et voila!

Oh also, today as I got off the train, a guy asked me for $2 and proceeded to stick his finger right up his nose to dig the biggest treasure of all. I was mesmerized and said, sorry no.


love, S said...

HAPPY CNY!! :D Come check out Yi and I's blogs - we're doing our very first giveaways!

And as for Lost and Found. I found that I had lost all my money there last summer! Hum. Pricey treasures...

Angsana said...

I noticed how golden orange the egg yolks are downunder! They must be real!!
People just don't care about what they do inpublic these days! How gross!

charinthecity said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Check out the cool opshop next to Soul Food further up Smith St for some fun rummaging. I got an awesome Russian military beret a few years ago. Begging seems to be common in Melbourne, we got approached a few times.

take 38 said...

Sweet score on the Pyrex bowls. I found some recently myself (I won't tell you how much mine were), but your colors are better! :)

Cute bedding too! Looks like you're setting in quite nicely & way to go with your homemade noodles--you are rockin' it out!

Hope the CNY was good. Congrats on everything going so swimmingly & I'm sure your aunt is there with you every step of the way.