Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Thrifting

I look forward to each weekend when I have time to go to different thrift stores (or opportunity stores as they are called here). My kitchen is very slowly coming along with bits and bobs I have thrifted. I always go with one item in mind and then depending on what is available, I pick up surprises that I didn't know I would get. Those are the precious purchases. This weekend, I thrifted:

A vintage meter ruler from Fat Helens on Chapel St
(For Muntedkowhai use)

Overcooked Salmon coloured pot and clear jar
(For onions, garlic and the clear jar for sugar!)

Isn't this mug fantastic?
I don't know what CEGU stands for but I love the red and on the bottom of the mug it says
"Genuine Australian Billy mug"
Billy is a kettle here.

I was doing the dishes yesterday and looked out the window to my neighbour's roof:

what is that?



love, S said...


You have TOTALLY made my day.

Those crazy Australians!

linnykins said...

I love how Op shopped items are all mismatched when you bring them home and put them all together, but they also look so good!!!!!

I've decided that I do like the placement. It's way more self-directed, so it's a great way to build up independence study-wise!

take 38 said...

Oh that what I think it is?!? Someone must have gotten very upset with it for it to end up on a roof! That is hilarious if it's what I think it is!!!
Thanks for the chuckle today,

Munted kowhai said...

@K: haha it is what you think it is.