Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Why I need to sleep in today:

* The unit that is a two apartment units away from us, is at it again. A few nights ago, there was glass smashing, expletives fill the 2am air and woke up the entire neighbourhood. So much so that when I went out to my balcony to check out what was up, I saw other neighbours out on theirs in bewilderment as well. The first night, I heard " I didn't do it , I didn't do it!" The night before, I heard " Did you hear me? Stay the **** away!", then last night, I heard " I don't want to go, I don't want to go!" AND a hell of a lot of LOUD female wailing, crying, screaming.
What is going on over there?

* The stranger that called my skype phone at 6am, twice and said nothing except for a creepy ... hhhhello. hhhhhhhhello, in that creepy voice. I thought I only accepted calls from people on my list but when I checked, it wasn't. Urgh!

* That bird that chirped soooo loudly after I got that call, he stopped after my alarm clock went off, naturally.

Not happy.

I did, however, finish the tiger last night:


teresa said...

What a dapper tiger!

That's quite upsetting re: neighbours. Perhaps you should ring the police station and just say you're concerned... hope they're alright.

this good hearth said...

In every neighbourhood, there has to be one of them!
The tiger came out looking really nice!

Hello Lindello said...

uugh I hate when people disturb my sleep! That sounds awful and creepy!

On a good note- that tiger is so handsome!