Thursday, March 25, 2010


My two cardigans arrived yesterday. They were purchased before my vow to not internet shop till June. Cardigans are the perfect warmers for the lab. Even though it is super hot outside, the lab is cool and when you're reading papers on your computer, it can be downright cold. Plus this happy mustard yellow cheers me up, the other one is forest green.

It's Friday here in Australia and I can't wait to be sketching designs for the new collection this weekend. More sneak peaks to come after this weekend. Enjoy!


tinypaperheart said...

i love the gorgeous blue tint of this picture. :)

BuenoBueno said...

those jeans look comfy!

Louise said...

love it, I love mustard yellow things!

Munted kowhai said...

@buenobueno: the jeans are really comfy! they're levis and i forgot which number. i dont like tight jeans!