Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I got shoes!

This morning I went to pick up a parcel, it was from mum. I had bought a pair of Camper shoes so she sent that to me, along with other goodies! Goodies!

Mum sewed these batik napkins for me.
I love them! They brighten my apartment! Not to mention, no wasting paper towels.

The pink sugar and creamer sent to me by mum.
They used to belong to my step grand mother but she has been sent to a nursing home due to growing dementia.

said shoes:

I love them!


blue moss said...

shoes and...and something your mom sewed for you....and the lovely pink goodies...
it's the perfect package :)
love your shoes

tinypaperheart said...

love love love your shoes!!

take 38 said...

I love them too!