Tuesday, March 02, 2010

If you're in HONG KONG

AND you love label fashion items FOR A STEAL..... you should visit my high school friend Sam's auction page. Sam is a fashion distributor in HK and she is one super stylish gal. She's hoarded alot of labels over the years and is trying to do a bit of spring cleaning. She's only selling in HK so for all you HK readers, if you want to purchase genuine Chloe, Kate Spade, Dior pieces....

Dior shoes, never worn: $400 hkd ( Around $50 USD )

Kate Spade Clutch $1000 hkd (Around $130 US)

See by Chloe leather shoes $600 (around $77 USD)

Peaked your interest?
Look here

if you can't read the chinese, please email me
and I will let Sam know

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Chris said...

Nice blog. Kowhai as in cute? That means cute in Japanese. I have a political blog you might like.