Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Melbourne architecture

I don't know how anyone could not be inspired by the victorian architecture in Melbourne. Every few corners, there is a reminder or a show of victorian elegance, detailed in curves, florals and sometimes art deco lines. I've taken to taking photos of snippets of these building details for my new designs.

I can't wait to get these designs on the new medium!

Tomorrow Aaron arrives at 9am and I'm meeting him at the Southern Cross train station. We have a bad track record of meeting up. It's always been frustrating and never the ideal "catch each others eyes and embrace in hugs and kisses."

In Portland, I waited and waited over an hour and could not see him coming out. I had no way of calling him. I perked up everytime that I saw a guy of his height coming out. Finally, he had called my mother who in turned called me and told me that he has already picked up his luggage!
Worse, in Singapore, he arrived 2 or so hours before I did and when I came out of my gate, I couldn't find him. I searched the entire terminal and of course we didn't have cell phones. I had him paged and nothing. I got a taxi to get to the hotel and kinda got scared by then! Told the hotel people to leave a note, telling him to stay put. Meanwhile, I took the taxi back to make a last comb over. It was a 3 hour ordeal that ended with me calling the hotel from the airport and they said he has checked in! He was waiting for me at the wrong terminal and took a bus to the hotel.

So babe, this time, wait by the telephones where the shuttle bus drops you off. Wait there. Don't go anywhere. Third time lucky!

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thisgoodhearth.blogspot.com said...

I remember the adventure you two had meeting up in Singapore!
Just stay put! This goes for hikers!