Saturday, March 20, 2010

Summer still here

There is only 11 days until Aaron visits. I can't stand the excitement. I get to share melbourne with him. I've missed sharing with him. I've put off exploring the city because I have to save money and deep inside, I wanted to explore with him. It is more fun when you're both new as explorers.

This morning, after a bit of misunderstanding, I stood up a friend for Yum Cha. I came home to find 12 missed calls on my cell (which I left at home) and felt so bad upon discovering that I stood up my friend! Her bf canceled and I assumed that his message meant both of them and so I canceled the lunch. Oops! We did however, spontaneously go to St Kilda, walked, talked and ate cheesecake. Then we walked and laid on the pier and chatted for a while. My camera battery died! Boo! As you can see, Melbourne hasn't been very Autumn-esque:

Grace goes, hair in my face!

After a dose of sunshine (with sun block of course!), I came home to make Papaya soup:

look i have a watch tan

1 comment: said...

nice papaya!
However, the recipe does not call for "Nam Bak Han". Have to be careful with Chinese herbs, some do not go with certain ingredients for a reason.