Sunday, March 07, 2010

to market to market

I am trying to get into a schedule of going to the markets instead of going to the supermarket to buy overpriced foods. I was advised by friends to go to the Victoria Markets in downtown and boy, I was not disappointed!

It's kind of like a farmers market but way bigger and not just on weekends!

Since I had lots of veges in my fridge already, this trip was more meat focused. Mmm meat.

That's a pasta shop.

Grandmother ham.
For my lunch sandwiches.

Part of my market purchases.

All that food shopping on an empty stomach made me scoffed down a spicy bratwurst.
It was delicious. the softness of the roll.
Oh my!

All purchases carried in a food tote:


Laura said...

i LOVED the victoria market when we went, so much to look at!

tinypaperheart said...

that's the cutest tote. :)