Saturday, April 24, 2010

New art on the walls

This weekend, I finally put up inspirational pieces around my desk and a framed collection of happy times.

photobooth photos of martin, corrine and I at the PDX Spring Fashion show

and.... my couch blanket is coming along. It is a third done:
1/3 finished. I ran out of yarn.
Right now, it is a bona fide shawl

at home

a bit of spontaneous baking

EDIT: Cake demolished


linnykins said...

Photobooth!!! I really want to go in one of those. We don't have them like you do, over here. Jealous :P

Munted kowhai said...

it was really neat. the photobooth was hired at this fashion show i participated in. it was free and you could take as many as you wanted!!!

Hello Lindello said...

I also love the photobooth pics. They never get old. sweet

hannah said...

lovely! and i am very jealous of your couch blanket! need to learn how to knit. how long has it taken?

stephanie renee said...

i love how you framed the photo booth pics!