Thursday, April 08, 2010

of photographs

I've been thinking today, after a talk with my friend Anna about taking photographs of friends. I take alot of environment photographs but I have this nerdy awkwardness about taking photos of my friends and even Aaron. (The latter because he always pull faces) I'm not sure if I'm the only one with this condition but, have you ever been in a group situation whereby you want to take photos of the gathering but is actually kinda shy and embarrassed about it? Why? Because everyone responds differently to a camera. Some friends love love love the camera, some friends are fine with it and others don't really want anything to do with it. Upon rethinking, the latter is a rare group but it is the energy of the photographer that brings good shots and energizes the group to embrace taking photographs. For example, I know for sure when we're hanging out with my friend Martin, he being so gregarious, the energy of phototaking is high. He is able to capture people's quirks. However, if it was me, I would be the awkward girl snapping photos of my friends head or of them in a weird eating facial expression. I hate to say " hey guys, i'm taking a photo!"

There are, of course, some friends that I need not feel this way when taking a photo. Most are girl friends but the thing is, everyone needs a friend that likes to take photos because we all know that they're the one that later on shares the photographs. Looking back at photos of Aaron and I, I realise we have very very few photos together. Here, I feel like an uber dork for doing the reach around arm photo and because he hardly ever suggests a photo but I assume he doesn't really mind it. It's something that I should learn to overcome but when Im in a group situation and I see another camera coming out, then I relinquish that desire because i know it'll be on facebook anyways.

This same awkwardness and feeling like a nerd also pertain to bringing my Canon rebel out, which I hardly ever do. Ever ever. It is so big and scream amateur tourist. I almost think its awkward for me to shut out the world and ignore what they think of me but to take photos of what I want.

Yes, that's what I should do. Take photographs of what I want and not what I kind of want while thinking of what others think of me.


Gina said...

You voiced my feelings completely! I know what I want in the photo but just asking people to gather so I can take it feels awkward and imposing at times. And there are always a few who do not like being photographed.

charinthecity said...

Relax, take a breath and a big smile and just ask. Usually people don't mind being in the photo. I used to hate being photographed but I'm better now... since on digital cameras you can erase the ones where you have a big belly/blinking/looking odd! I really love the photos including the early ones I took of myself and Dave, I'm glad I have them (the blog was a great excuse). He takes his camera everywhere and scored the front seat of the Antarctic Hagglund because he looked 'serious' the other day. He was thrilled!