Saturday, April 10, 2010


When Aaron came over the other week, he brought over things I shipped to him. My doc martin flats were one of these things:

and my saddle bag my dad got me in 2002.

Melbourne has cooled down a bit, by cool down, I mean it's in the 70s. This also means I could wear some of my lighter knits:

A singapore tabble runner my mother bought for me in 2005.

Today, I went out in search for a floor and desk lamp. Of which, I found neither. Well, not in my price range anyways! Instead I focused my energy on buying batik supplies. I could only find fabric dyes and bought some to try out. I can't wait till the other equipment pieces I ordered arrive. It's going to be so very cool!

I took a nana nap today after watching more of THE PRIVATE LIFE OF PLANTS dvd that Aaron brought over.

Foods eaten today: Two toast with avocado and tomatoe slices with pepper and salt, instant noodles, vanilla ice cream, coffee, tea, coffee, grilled cheese sandwich.

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