Monday, April 05, 2010

Tuesday off

Today is Tuesday and I have tuesday off in lieu of Saturday. I'm not sure why but its part of our Easter holiday so I am all for it! Yesterday, I was in a state of restlessness because Aaron wasn't around and today I felt the silence of being on my own. I'm aware of how I could use this time to indulge in my creative projects but I simply don't want to. I just want to be hugged and kissed.

I did however, wander to the post office to get my parcels:

This dress was bought prior to my no internet purchasing rule.
It requires shortening.

The beautiful architecture that line Melbourne streets


linnykins said...

love the dress! Oriental colour... but it'll be awesome when you shorten it <3

GemmaJoy said...

Saturday is a public holiday. When I used to work on Easter saturday I would get paid double time and a half.