Monday, May 10, 2010

Blissful weekend in NZ

I had the most surreal weekend in NZ. It is crazy to me that today I got woken up by Aaron with kisses in the morning and then by noon I was back at work in Melbourne. The flight from Melbourne to Christchurch, NZ is only around 3.5 hours and so it makes long weekend trips very feasible.

I took my camera but only took one photo, it's of a silly man trying on my glasses.
(No doubt Aaron would have gasped to see his own face on this blog... again)

I was showered with alot of boyfriendly attention, hugs, kisses and I love yous. It was a dream weekend! Since I didn't use my camera, I'll have to wait for friends to upload theirs and slyly steal them. But until then, rest assured that the wedding was fun and I took in all the sights of Aaron in his suit. I caught up with Char, my cousin and met her fiance Dave and my old flat mates from Dunedin. It was too much in too little time but it was good to have caught up nonetheless.

Aaron and I went to Willowbank with Char and Dave and we petted wet eels there. The eels were fed so often that they learned to swim up and prop themselves up on the landing to reach the food. It is crazy but they were also so very cute! (and Aaron said "yummy")

Also, I have boxes and boxes of my things I've left behind at the Adams residence. Clothes, towels, bedsheets from my days in Otago and going through them was like Christmas all over again! I found lost bags, earrings, shoes, photos and things that I made into framed "art":

Oregon brew coasters glued on top of each other to remind me of home

3 comments: said...

Aaron should get a similar pair, looks good on him!
YOu make the eels sound so cute! I always squirm when I see them in the wet markets. But, sounds like the eels have a better life in NZ than they do elsewhere:)

Aaron said...

Funny, it seemed that Tiff was thinking the complete opposite. Either that or I misconstrued her snorting fits of laughter as a sign of appreciation. I had no what I looked like as, through my eyes, all I could see was a hazy apparition of colour in my reflection. Tiff's eyesight is nowhere near as "perfect" as mine.

take 38 said...

Yay for boy time!