Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miller Harris's Tangerine Vert

I was given a sample of Miller Harris's Tangerine Vert when I bought something at Sephora. I'm not a huge perfume girl and I've never made a fragrance my own. (Testament: I had a bottle of green vert from L'occitaine that has actually turned into pure ethanol)

I tend to be a citrus girl. It's fresh and invigorating. So when my sample ran out, I searched high and low on the internet for a small bottle but boy, it's kinda popular because most places were sold out! I managed to find a bottle on one of the many fragrance sites and snatched one for myself.

Do you have your own fragrance? Or is it pretty much whatever smell your body lotion is? (That's me predominantly)


teresa said...

At the moment it's Kenzo Amour and one from Bath and Bodyworks I picked up in the states last year - Black Amethyst.

I love perfume. If I could pick only three beauty products, it would be toner, face scrub, and perfume. Not really a body lotion or moisturiser fan, although I should be because it's good for you!

tinypaperheart said...

pretty bottle, too! :)

charinthecity said...

D&G's Sicily for when I want something a bit special. I like soapy, clean scents.