Saturday, May 01, 2010

My weekend

It has been a fairly uneventful weekend but treasured. My cousin did bring me to the best Laksa restaurant in Melbourne. It was crazy good. It was hard to get a seat in this small restaurant on Elizabeth Street (449 Elizabeth Street to be exact). It is called coconut house and it specializes in what you miss from Malaysia. Hainese Chicken rice, Laksa, Nasi Goreng and you know, all the usual bad for the figure, good for the tastebuds kind of food. Sure the tables stank of perpetually wet cleaning cloths but heck, the Laksa was DELICIOUS. Of course, there were no see hums and I have no photos but trust me, if you're in Melbourne, get yourself there.

Saturday was spent finishing off this addictive HK TV soap that consisted of 40 episodes end on end. It's taken me two full weekends to finish it and now that that's done, I can be a productive person again. (In case you were wondering, it was about this family that had been split up by a nasty divorce and the 6 children divided, centering on the family's hold on the mooncake business.) As I became functional again (aka not a slob stuck to the computer and cursing characters on the show), I went out to get cleaning products and even a white lotus smelling candle. It smells delightful, in the way that it hints at smelling lovely and not, BAM I SMELL GOOD.

White lotus candle and a spare key.
(I got locked out of my own place last Monday *holiday* and had to pay $150 to get back in!)

Did I mention maybe locksmithing is the way to go?

My beeswax arrived, it smells SO very good and this weekend was learning how fast, hot beeswax melt enough to penetrate material.
Let me tell you, it's fast and very hot.

I did loads of cleaning, washing and am amazed at what one apartment requires.
Least favourite activity: cleaning bathroom

I got to change my pillow case to this. My favourite ever. My mother got it for me from Hong Kong from the shop G.O.D.
"comment allez vous"
when said in cantonese sounds a bit like
"Let's go fight a tiger tonight"
A common phrase to make children giggle.

Can you believe it?
It's May.
May oh May.

4 more days until I get to see Aaron.
I'm flying off to Christchurch, NZ for his friends wedding.



Aroha Silhouettes said...

I can't believe we only just miss each other by a few days!

love, S said...

YAY!!! 4 more days!!

.. my mum said that when she was little in Vietnam, the only French thing she knew was: "Comment allez vous!"

Anonymous said...

A Mum's advice ~
Don't forget to lock up your apartment well, check the windows before you go to NZ!

tinypaperheart said...

i love how the last picture came out. :)