Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eat, Drink, Sleep REPEAT

My friend Anna from Sydney came to visit me this long weekend. We had lots of eating, drinking and catching up planned. I feel like I need to buy extra large pants and hop on a treadmill and to think we only surveyed the tip of the Melbourne food and drink ice berg.

Here are some highlights in photos:

It was Maya's birthday and very reluctantly she let Sophie organized an intimate get together at DER RAUM. Despite being expensive, Der Raum is a wonderful cocktail theatrical show. It is delicious and the sight of bottles dangling from ropes as the bartenders mingle liquid nitrogen with unique spices and fruits, makes it an unique experience.

Wine tasting with John and Amy in the Yarra Valley. John and Amy are friends from University of Otago days. Lots of free yummy wine tasting and soaking in the beautiful valley sights. I'm a total red wine girl.

wine makes me giddy

Anna playing with colour accent feature on my camera, whilst waiting for the train.

Sunday: We shopped up and down Chapel st but were good and didn't buy anything. Instead, having a bit of a coffee break before having a few drinks at new places I had not tried.

I've walked past Borsch Vodka and Tears so many times on Chapel St and now I finally have the time and gal pal to try it out. It's one of those places that are so mysterious that is may just be tooo cool for me. It has a mixture of morbid and grandma feeling to it. It has an extensive menu of Vodka (which I don't like), making it a tad intimidating. I had a quince liqueur champagne.

After that, we stopped at Basque which my hair dresser had recommended. There was live musica and a special on sangria. It was quite watered down, boo! (But that didn't stop my face from going red to match the red wine) At Basque, Anna and I had one of those tipsy bets about the words SEASAME or SESAME. Is it an American/British thing? Either way, loser has to buy one round of drinks. Googling is confusing with both spellings, or is it just misspelled?

On Monday, Anna joined me for an hour of work and then we headed to watch Sex and the City 2. To which, I must comment:

1) How horsey drag is SJP?
2) Miranda had the nicest clothes in that movie
3) Total cringe when Liza Minnelli did the Single Lady dance. I just wanted her to stop dancing in her black tent of a dress.
4) Bad lines and weird flow to conversations

After that, Anna and I went to have a bit of a pick me up:


After that, we went home to vege out and relax a bit before we made a delicious three course dinner:

French onion soup
Beetroot and chocolate cake.
That's right.

(I'll take a photo of that cake tomorrow and post the recipe because it's rather good!)


thisgoodhearth.blogspot.com said...

Glad you caught up with AllOfUs!!

love, S said...

*droooool* What an epic post of awesome food and phun things in Melbourne! Yay for visits from phriends :D

Hello Lindello said...

I thought that movie was totally written weird too. And Miranda was the best dressed which shouldnt be case!