Tuesday, June 01, 2010


This came in the mail yesterday, along with other goodies from my Mum:

The $4 Hansel and Basel tights I bought!

I can't wait to wear them.
They'll definitely keep my legs warm as they're a great mix of wool, spandex and polyester.

Yesterday, my friend Anna (who lives in Sydney) asked me (I'm in Melbourne) if I wanted to break up the monotony of weekday cooking by doing a once a week cook off. Well, not in a competitive way but each wednesday one of us will pick a recipe and both of us will cook it. We text each other everyday already about what we're going to eat, so might as well make it more fun. Plus, I get stuck into the routine of cooking what I know so this will actually be quite fun! It starts next week and we've started a facebook group to post up photos of meals and recipes for the next week. Anyone can join. I mean if you've ever been in a " I don't know what to cook" rut, it'll be a great thing to participate. The group is called " The EATING ADVENTURES OF CHAN AND PANG". Will keep this blog posted and if you have any suggestions for mouth watering recipes, please post it in the comments. I would love some help besides scouring through the internet!

Pang and Chan

All you can eat buffet

P.S I hate waterchestnuts and star anise. Chan hates mushrooms.


tinypaperheart said...

your tights are awesome!

thisgoodhearth.blogspot.com said...

Count me in!

Kate said...

$4!!!!!!!!!!! way to go.

charinthecity said...

Cute tights!

teresa said...

I love the cooking group idea -- think I may have to steal it for me and my friends! Especially now that we are spread out over Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington.