Friday, June 25, 2010

I love Saturdays without appointments/hour of work. I love waking up because my body said, "I've recharged!" and eating cooked breakfast over some Bialetti coffee. With the gorgeous morning light, I decided to take photos of the Monstrosity earrings worn. It's hard sometimes to gauge what pieces look like when worn, so to give you an idea:

it is airy and light

After making this pair of Monstrosity earrings, I've decided to make a mini collection and needed to go buy different colours. There is a yarn shop run by an old man in Malvern. He wears a sweater vests that is a few sizes too big for him. It is cute. I picked the following colours but he told me that there were many many more colours and that I should be back to see for myself. (They were up on the high shelves and I was happy with the colours that I got so I did not bother him further)

I have been enchanted with the corals lately.

After that, I went to Chapel St Bazzar (where Aaron bought our desk) and went on a find for organizers. Chapel St Bazzar is an insane premise cluttered with everything vintage. It is AMAZING and pricey. However, I got my hands on these organizers that were not too bad, together they were under $50.

A vintage handy man toolbox, now is filled with not so manly colours.

and.. a beautiful teal metal tray

that fits into my desk drawer!!

I love these Saturdays!! Now I'm going to retire on the couch with my cup of coffee and start some crocheting...


chelsea said...

wow! i adore those earrings!! said...

What good finds!!
It's like you have found a treasure trove! I esp love the tool box!!

Aroha Silhouettes said...

I LOVE when organizers perfectly fit into drawers! It was totally meant to be!

budafist said...

Wow that metal tray fits amaaaaaazingly.

Love the wooden tool box too. My friend built one for himself - a giant one to store his aerosol cans in. But there is something really nice about a vintage one.