Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For the past month and a bit, I've been trying out a new outlet. Unfortunately, I've hit a huge obstacle and it's been rather frustrating. That's right, I'm picking up Batiking. I have everything that I need but my tjantings ( a funnel pen that holds melted wax) keeps on clogging up with congealed bees wax. I have had trouble melting it to a point where it stays liquid longer, this is because on several occassions it has smoked and I was afraid it has reached its flashpoint. (In which case, it could spontaneously catch on fire... not good.) I got frustrated and poured the melted wax from the heat plate to show you what it would look like if the wax lines were fine:

You can see that the wax in some places are globular, meaning that once it hit the material, it quickly cooled. That's not what I want, I want it so hot that when it hits the material, it goes transparent. So this state of solid/liquid science has me all frustrated. Solution? I'm going to buy an electrical tjanting. It will melt my beeswax AND keep it at melting temperature while I draw.

p.s (don't you love the blue? I can't wait till I get to paint on correct designs!)

In other news, part of my new packaging has arrived, still waiting for the other half but that's ok. It gives me more time to set up shop. I can't wait to be back!!!

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Lp said...

They have eletric tjantings now. Never tried one but wanted to. I learned Batik in the 1970's and have always had that glob problem!

When I dye paint nowadays I use a more practical resist. Then I can do many different colors all at once.
Yes, I totally cheat. But I am old and been there, done that. lol.