Monday, June 07, 2010

This weekend, I didn't take any photographs because it was dreary and really, I got up to jack and nothing. Actually, that's not quite true. On Saturday, it poured and poured. I did laundry and incidentally found out that there was a dryer for everyone to use right next door to my apartment. (I mean, it's in a communal room and I literally walk 1 foot from my front door and its there.) Don't ask me how I missed this but since the cold weather has arrived, drying on a drying rack with no sun in your apartment is like mission impossible for the first week. So, finding a free working dryer= 1 point.

Then I decided to tackle the bathroom. I have no ceiling fan to vent out the steam when I take a shower. There is a huge window by the shower but burrrrr it's cold out so I haven't been opening it. What happens as a consequence of dampness and cold air? Mold. Yes, how awful especially for an asthmatic like me. I was brushing my teeth the other day when I looked up and saw my entire bathroom ceiling covered in starter mold. As in, you can see a punctate of mold and the beginning of branching out. Not good. I've never dealt with a situation like that before and went to the super market to get EXIT MOLD. Exit mold wonders, it got rid of it all with no scrubbing needed! Scrubbing neck bend parallel to ceiling is no fun.

No mold= 10 points

Bleached sweater and bathroom floor mat= -20 points

Losing sense of smell for 5 house because of poorly ventilated room when using strong ammonia products? = -6000 points.

Not fun.

This weekend is Queen's Birthday weekend. (Does anyone know why NZ and Australia have different weekend for the same highness?) My friend Anna is coming to visit from Sydney so it should be chalked full of catching up, exploring and lots of photos!

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Hello Lindello said...

Mold is no good. Sounds like a productive day though! Do weird its cold down there and summery here. I'll be so jealous of you during our winters now.