Friday, July 16, 2010

Mountain Goat brewery

It's a fact, I've been spoiled by Oregon's great microbrew upbringing that the beer culture here has me down about any microbrews in Melbourne. The thing I might have to get used to is that microbrews aren't as easily accessible as it was in Portland. I googled local breweries and found Mountain Goat. After a dramatic week at work, I definitely needed a bit of a wind down. For the most part, Melbourne CBD is chalked full of hidden alley way bars that serve intimate expensive cocktail. I'm really not that kind of girl, I'd rather sit back and chat with some delicious brew. So when I stepped into Mountain Goat's warehouse with outdoor heaters, foozball tables and cafeteria style tables with the smell of hops brewing, I felt right at home. My cousin and I got a sampler each for a reasonable $11 AUD. I immediately gravitated to the IPA and Stout. Totally like home. Awesome. Great beer doesn't have to cost an arm or leg, only in the CBD do you swap your first born for a piss beer like Heinekein. Blech.

So, if you're in Melbourne, definitely check out Mountain Goat Brewery

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Looked like you two had a nice time!