Sunday, August 15, 2010

Around Melbourne

Aaron and I got out of the apartment quite a bit this weekend. We woke up whenever (still early, we don't sleep in much!) and had breakfast slowly which is such a luxury. Weekends are also nice because we get to clean the place up and it feels so good to have a clean apartment. On Sunday, we wandered around Bruinswick a bit for two wholesale closed door sales. Aaron is slowly discovering Melbourne, beyond its farmers market and Chapel St! We went to a kitchen wholesale sale (it is a once a month event whereby members are sent emails of venue and type of wholesale sales to be had), lucky for us there were alot of kitchen utensils we still needed.
Two of the better buys were the dutch oven and skillet. Can't wait to use these! Aaron is going to cook Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon tomorrow. mmmmm

our sunday shoes
waiting for the train

melbourne central
Melbourne Central station. Melbourne is well known for it's effort in preserving historic buildings, giving the city a very victorian characteristic. It's very charming. This is part of a lead pipe factory that now is the center of a shopping mall.
central library
Vic State library

european masters
The European Masters exhibition, with names of the masters stringed from the art museum.
(still have to go see this!)


aaron and our box of wholesale kitchenware!
Aaron and our box of kitchen goodies, waiting for the tram.

At a mate's birthday dinner, not recommended: Steak and Wine Company.
The food is very sub par.

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Dallas Shaw said...

just a note- just tweeted about those little earing I love. hope you are well...!