Monday, October 25, 2010


Last Saturday, Aaron accompanied me to the Craft Hatch show at the Victoria state library. He's such a sweet heart and since I did everything last minute, his helping hands were most comforting! I always think, why did I put myself through this? I absolutely loath selling my necklaces face to face, it is most bizzare. I hate talking and luring people in.

craft hatch
craft hatch

My friend, Savindi told me that next time I do a show, I should bring her along and she would do all the "selling". Excellent! Next time, I might try to get on the Finders Keepers band wagon!
little bourke necklace
little bourke necklace
Meanwhile, this weekend, I will start taking photos of my new collection and putting them onto my website!


blue moss said...

everything looks so great! said...

Hey, The old drawers worked pretty good at Sellwood. Maybe, you should start hunting them down for your next show.

Munted kowhai said...

i know mum! i was just thinking that. i need to find a place like that here in melbourne!

Hello Lindello said...

beautiful display tiff!