Sunday, October 03, 2010


This weekend marks the start of spring, the sun came out. It's 6.37pm and it's still light out. I even wore a dress today. On Saturday, we ventured all the way out to Boxhill to get some asian groceries. Boxhill is a suburb about half hour train ride from the city that has a huge concentration of HK chinese people which means they have very authentic restaurants AND wet markets. It's like being in Hong Kong, everyone is speaking cantonese. Before grocery shopping, we went and had lunch at Petaling St Restaurant and when I saw that their laksa had see hums, I was over the moon and ordered it. In Melbourne, it seems Laksas are so popular that it is on every chinese restaurant menu, even if they're not a Malaysian/Singapore eatery. (That in itself, is always a bad sign) So with its popularity, the Laksa suffers a below mediocre effort by many restaurants. Most of the restaurants won't have see hums (which is a clam or cockle type of shell fish that is traditionally found in Laksas in Malaysia) and the see hums MAKE the laksa. Prior to Petaling, my favourite Laksa joint was Coconut house. Their soup base is god, very close to the real deal. I actually still prefer Coconut house's soup base but overall, Petaling has them beat.

saturday lunch
Yeah, your mouth is watering.

I've also made a few more pieces and even made an extra pair of Late earrings and wore them out today:
Late earrings

Listed the Alphington:
new necklaces

sunday breakfast
Sunday breakfast
guiness, to end a sunday
Sunday evening drink of choice
ladies only!
He's quite the lady.


charinthecity said...

Love that pic of Aaron. Bet he could pull off a crinoline! said...

I don't think that's how we sit!

S said...

Box Hill is awesome and you're totally right about laksa in all its awesomeness .. om nom nom..

Totes lovin' that pic of Aaron bee tee dubble eww :P