Sunday, October 10, 2010

A whirlwind of a weekend

This weekend has been somewhat of a tornado, we ate out the entire weekend starting from Thursday. Aside from costs, eating out makes us tired and last night was our first night in a few nights of cooking and eating at home. (We had home made okonomiyaki and miso soup) With our friend in town, our saturday was eaten up with shopping, eating and catching up. We did, however, visited the Finders Keepers Market with my co worker who is into crafts as much as I am. Aaron came along as well and he started saying " cute " exponentially during the show. I had not been to a craft market in a while and the Finders Keepers was quite the market! It had a steady stream of visitors and the quality of crafts was pretty good. (No afghans or any other knitted wares that you usually see at normal markets.) I bought a few things, a present for my mother (she reads this blog so I can't divulge what I got her but I want one as well!), a pair of earrings and Aaron got me a pair of OKOK knee hi socks which are SO comfortable!!!

It was a weekend of shopping, nothing ridiculous but here is my new favourite summer dress for $20:

new summer dress

new earrings

and some ramekins:

new ramekins

On Sunday, we took our time getting up and had yum char spontaneously with my co worker and her partner after they texted us to see if we wanted to try a yum char place way out of town. YES! It was very authentic and it was yummy!! If only it was closer because I could yum char every sunday if I could. The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing at home and working a bit on my website and pulling things together for my own craft show coming up. Stay tuned.

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First, I like your dress.
Second, I like the price!!
Good findS!!