Sunday, November 28, 2010

Less than a month till NZ

Aaron and I are counting down the days until we fly back to NZ for a friend's wedding and Christmas with his family. It's nearly been a year since I had more than 3 days of holiday, so I am truly looking forward to it. Plus, we're going on a south island road trip especially to the west coast where I've never been before!

Fox Glacier (NZ)_212901.jpg

Pancake Rocks

Milford Sound 3 -foreground

and many more backyards of NZ

Oh, also, if you're in Melbourne, you should definitely go and give EIS a try. EIS is a japanese fusion restaurant in South Melbourne and so far, best japanese food I've had since I moved here. Aaron took me there and we had a degustation meal, which is like a taste test paired with wine. The wine was absolutely delicious and the food was both very original and of high quality. It is even better than Izakaya Den. Way better. Just click on their site and take a look at their menu. I didn't bring a camera because I thought we were going to have take away thai and watch a movie at home but instead we wined and dined! I love spontaneous gastronomic adventures!


Hello Lindello said...

i've always wanted to go...

ps. youre going to be in my gift guide this week! said...

a second trip is required then, with camera in tote!

Munted kowhai said...

@kate: thanks, looking forward to seeing your gift guide!